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All-Women Recreational Rides in Anchorage, Alaska

Have the time of your life on women-only snow machine tours organized by Girl Play Alaska. Our 4-wheel rides are available throughout the Anchorage area. Contact us to sign up for our riding membership.


Women-Only Riders

Girl Play Alaska is a unique group of ladies that love to ride.  We can accommodate a wide range of riders; from the person who knows what she is doing to someone who has never been on a recreational vehicle.


Girl Play Alaska has three levels of difficulties:

  1. Easy - The novice will be able to have a thrill, yet enjoy every minute of the ride.
  2. Medium - The rider will experience river crossing, hill climbing and mud.
  3. Experienced - Riders will get steep hill climbing, trail breaking, river crossing, swamp and getting muddy.

Popular Rides

Sutton Route Eklutna Lake Side Trail

This ride is located 16.5 miles East of Sutton which is North of Anchorage, Alaska by Hick's Creek.  (Medium)       

Northeast of Anchorage and Eagle River. Trail is 12.7 miles one-way route with a 300' elevation gain. ATV riding is allowed Sunday through Wednesday only. Also has over night camping.   (Easy)      

Monument Trail Route Puritan Creek Trail
27 Mile Route Northeast of Sutton, Alaska 25 Mile Route Northeast of Chickaloon, Alaska
(Medium) (Medium)
Crown Point Mine Trail
Jim Creek

10 Mile Route North of Seward, Alaska (Experienced)


40 miles Northeast of Anchorage off Old Glen Highway. At approximately mile 11 turn right on Sullivan Road then 1 mile down Sullivan is "Pavilion" parking lot.  The trail is 1.5 to 18 miles. (All skill levels)

Bird Creek Gunsight Mountain
Southeast of Anchorage and Indian.  Trail is 5.5 miles one-way up toward Bird Pass. East of Sutton, trail is a 5 mile route open to ATV riding. This easy trail provides access to the Squaw Creek area.
Pinochle Trail Squaw Creek Access
East of Sutton. Trail route follows the Hicks Creek to Hicks Lake from there it continues on to Caribou Creek. There is about 2,700' of elevation gain along the way.  (Medium) Northeast of Anchorage and Sutton, the Squaw Creek Access Trail is a 7 mile route open to ATV trail riding. Trailhead is located 60 miles Northeast of Sutton on SR1 (Glen Highway).  From the trailhead the route heads North following the Belanger Pass Trail.  At 1.5 miles the Squaw Creek Trail turns left heading Southwest.  (Medium)
Little Nilchina River Old Man Trail
Northeast of Anchorage and Northeast of Sutton the Little Nilchina River Trail is open to ATV trial riding. The route is about 30 miles one-way. The trailhead is located 74 miles Northeast of Sutton on SR1 (Glenn Highway).     (medium) Northeast of Anchorage and Northeast of Sutton, the Old Man Trail is a 27 mile route open to ATV trial riding. The trailhead is located 67 miles Northeast of Sutton on SR1 (Glenn Highway) The trail starts approximately 2.5 miles East of the Eureka Road House on the Glenn Highway and leads North approximately 8 miles before intersecting with the Crooked Creek Trail. This area has a number of trails that roughly parallel each other and eventually lead to the Old Nelchina Town site.  (wide range of skill riding)


Contact us at (866) 772-8493 in Anchorage, Alaska to sign up for our 4-wheeler rides.